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Kristin was amazing, she had her work cut out for her with our small soap company. She had great advice and a vision for the website, which was amazing when she finished. She was so patient working with us on our vision for the company, we knew what we wanted but lacked the technical knowledge to get there. That is where Kristin’s expertise was invaluable. She went above and beyond to make sure all of our marketing needs were met. We learned so much from her along the way & as the company grows we look forward to working with her again in the future as the needs of the business change.

Kristin has done an excellent job increasing our web presence through novel “inbound” marketing techniques. Our organic search listings have all increased and as a result our incoming sales contacts have risen in all our business sectors.

Kristin offers her wealth of information about on-line marketing techniques in a friendly and understandable way. Her technical competence enabled us to be up and running within a month. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking find out what on-line marketing is, what it can do for them and to have her consult on their program.