Another Cool Video on the “Social Media Revolution”

Erik Qualman, founder of Socialnomics, is speaking in this video on how businesses can effectively use social media to market their message.  What I’ve noticed with businesses/brands/politicians who use social media is that so many use it the wrong way.

In this video, one of Qualman’s quotes struck me as incredibly powerful- he says the first step in marketing/sales (in general and on social media) is to LISTEN.  I am guessing he means to listen to what your audience wants.

He also states that “a lot of companies go right to the fourth step. . . and try to sell right away within social media.  They’ll hop in there right away and do one-way communication whether it’s with a coupon or just getting their message out.  That does not work.

Check out the video:

More on this later, but if you are one of those companies just continuing to “blast” your message in slightly different ways across your respective social media accounts, please stop.

It cheapens this unique form of marketing/advertising/customer service nothing more than a flashy billboard.  To be fair,  this method might work for some.  But it gets drowned out in the white noise of the web.  The entire point of social media is to reach out to your customers/followers/prospects and have a real conversation about your passion (product/service).

You want to talk WITH someone, not AT them.

Implementing your social media properly will humanize a brand to let everyone (customers, competitors, and partners alike) know that there are real people behind this entity who do actually care about what you want or need.  And that if something goes awry, they’ll try to fix it.  It’s absolutely amazing how far a little communication about (insert important or problematic topic) goes.

Great video, Qualman.  It gave me a lot to think about.  Please keep the videos coming!

And stay tuned, because my next article is about how social media has been used – there’s no word for it- atrociously- by very prominent brands who depend on the very people they communicate with to win.

How have you seen social media being used the wrong way like mentioned in the above video?  What are some of the “social media faux-pas” you’ve seen committed?

Inbound Marketing,

Written by Kristin

Marketing professional in Rochester, NY, with over 16 years of experience in the marketing and advertising field. Broad knowledge base with all forms of marketing, with critical understanding of search behavior, search engine marketing, and social media marketing.

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