Social media cheat sheet: Best times to post content on each platform

social media, inbound marketing, Rochester NYThe end goal of leveraging social media for your brand is getting the audience to be so delighted, they take action. Depending on the goals of your brand, the action may vary. Whether you want to drive traffic to your site, provoke meaningful discussion, or “just” build awareness – here is the quick list of the best times to post on several different social media platforms.

Facebook: According to a great KISSMetrics infographic on the best times/days to post, Saturday at noon is the best for sharing. There’s also a slight spike in sharing around 7PM. Frequency of posts: one post every other day is the “sweet spot.”

Pinterest: I’ve mentioned before that the Google Hummingbird update loves “T” shaped authorities– which means that they favor authorities who have knowledge in a wide range of topics but deep, critical understanding in a few. Pinterest packs a huge punch for brands – and is becoming quite the marketing tool so you’ll want to make sure you’re posting at the best times to get the most exposure- reports vary, but a trusted resource (HubSpot, naturally) tells us that Saturday mornings dominate for when to post content. EXCEPT- if your brand is in the fashion or retail vertical – you’re gonna want to post on Friday afternoons around 3PM.

Twitter: I am seeing conflicting information from two of my go-to resources for all things inbound marketing and social media- so I’ll try to simplify it for you:

  • HubSpot data says: Mondays-Thurs 1-3 PM. Worst times? Any day after 8PM and Fridays after 3PM.
  • KISSMetrics data says: Best time to get re-tweeted is 5PM. Most click-throughs (CTR) – Wednesdays/Weekends at noon or 6PM, at a frequency of 1-4 Tweets per hour. (Spoiler: you could be cranking out up to a 350% CTR for your brand at that frequency!)
  • Kristin’s data says: From my own personal experience I’ve found that different segments of my audience are online later at night. The more “scientific” crowd is on well after 8PM, Twitter parties abound on topics from #MH370 research to some of my mom friends who work during the day and jump on after the kids are in bed. Sometimes I get better engagement at this time. I can say for sure though that I always get good CTR and re-tweets around the sweet spots that both HubSpot and KISSMetrics mentioned. So in short, get to know your audience. Different segments like different means of engagement- my re-tweets come from fellow marketing professionals, good conversation comes later at night. It varies.

LinkedIn: I’ve always found LinkedIn to be especially awesome on Tuesdays at 10AM. Coincidentally, this is also the best time for me to send out any email marketing campaigns. Here’s my theory on why this time is so great- Mondays are catch-up day. On Tuesday mornings, people have time to catch up on less urgent work matters like reading emails, or reading professional articles and networking on LinkedIn. Right after lunch is also a pretty decent time. Tuesday has always been good to me. If any of you have other great times, let me know in the comments.

Google+: This is another platform you do NOT want to be skipping out on. The Google Hummingbird will sing for your brand if you get as involved in Google+ as you can. HubSpot data says Wednesdays at 9AM are prime-time for Google+ posts. KISSMetrics data says you need to do some a/b testing to figure out which posts do well and it’s mostly dependent on your niche and time zone. Interesting tidbit: according to KISSMetrics, nearly 50% of the U.S. population lives in the Eastern time zone. Combine Eastern and Central time zones and you’ve got a little over 80% of the U.S. population. Just something to take into consideration. Try out this awesome app: Timing+ to see what your Google+ “sweet spot” is. Yes, it’s awesome, and you can thank me later.

So there you have it. A not-so-brief quick list of the best times to share, post, and engage on some of the most powerful social media platforms. Hopefully, you run with this information and see a great boost to your brand. What have you found to be most effective as far as timing and sharing? Let me know in the comments! The more information the better!

Want more traffic, engagement, and inbound links to your blog? The science is in!


Blogging Infographic from KISSMetrics on the best times to post
Credit: Kissmetrics

In short, it comes down to your goals.  You can post during “high activity hours” which means you’ll get more traffic, and possibly more engagement, but then you’ll get your post buried by others because everyone has the same thought “hey let’s post during the day!”  You could post at night because your blog will get better placement, but it will get less traffic.

I will keep this really short so you can get back to your blogging mission: Most people read blogs in the morning* with the highest traffic being on Mondays at 11am.  If you want comments/engagement?  Saturday is your best bet- specifically, 9am.  So much for sleeping in!

If you want inbound links and shares?  Blogs get the most inbound links/shares on Mondays and Thursdays around 7am.  Interestingly, but not shockingly- if you post more than once a day you’re more likely to get more inbound links and unique views.  The last piece of data is funny (and true) – the more posts per day, the more monthly unique views your blog will have.

If you post 30x per day (good luck with that!) then you could get up to 1.8 million unique views per month. Unfortunately, you’ll probably not be doing much else other than typing.

*Men vs Women blog reading behavior: a higher percentage of men read blogs at night, so if you’re target is men, I’d do some posting at night.  A/B testing should be helpful, play around with different posting times and find your blog posting sweet spot!

For a larger view of the infographic, it’s clicky to the Kissmetrics page.

Now my question to you all is this: what patterns have you noticed with your blogs- traffic, engagement, and shares?

Guide to Social Media in 2015 (And my critiques/favorites)

There are only a million websites out there geared towards content marketing and social media marketing- this morning I found a cool article with a great graphic from that provides a map to all of the various social media platforms, social listening tools, and content tools one could want in 2015. I’ve used quite a few, so I’ll add my own personal favorites- and some notes on what I don’t like and why.

Foursquare: What? Is anyone even on there anymore? Totally irrelevant and I don’t see it making a comeback anytime soon. Its prime moment was when the Mars Rover checked in from Mars. And then, it went back to being stupid.

social media map, social media in 2015

• Social networks: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Note: 2015 trends are very visual so we’re seeing a lot of businesses using Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Vimeo.
• Content creation tools: Slideshare, Storify
• Social media management and tracking: Hootsuite and Buffer
• Social search: Twitter search is AWESOME! Socialmention and Topsy are pretty decent as well.
• Blogging: In order of preference WordPress, Medium, then Tumblr
• Social recruiting: Thumbtack (although I would categorize it more of a lead generation tool for business owners)
• Local/location based: Google+ Local (this affects your position on Google’s organic search results- being very active on Google+ is a must if you want better visibility)
• URL shorteners: you can customize yours to match your brand, and is what Hootsuite uses.
• Social Q/A: Quora is a must- it can be leveraged to show your expertise in your field. This will help get you to the point of being an influencer.
• Social Reviews: Yelp, always great, but honestly Google reviews weren’t listed (not sure why) because they matter the most.
• Social payment and commerce: Venmo. Let’s say you and your sister order Chinese and she has the cash and you only have debit- you can send her your half via Venmo. So easy. And yes, my example was really what happened- so, thanks sis for showing me this awesome app! And Shopkick is THE best app ever- seriously- you get “kicks” walking into stores. Get enough kicks and you can redeem them for gift cards to a million places- just to give you an idea- I’ve redeemed my kicks for gift cards to Target, Macys, and Fandango.

Myspace is totally irrelevant and SO 2004. Go away, Myspace. Whisper, YikYak, Secret- alright, I guess, if you’re fifteen.

What I don’t like:
• Myspace: Totally irrelevant and SO 2004. Go away, Myspace.
• Whisper, YikYak, Secret- alright, I guess, if you’re fifteen.
• Tagged- SO spammy.
• Howsociable: Hated this. I even had a paid account. I literally got zero information from this site and even received an email from one of the staff after I questioned how to get results apologizing and that they were working on it. Don’t waste your time or money. It’s a giant bust.
• Tweetdeck: Hootsuite is so much better.
• Vine: Again, its okay, if you’re fifteen.
• Foursquare: What? Is anyone even on there anymore? Totally irrelevant and I don’t see it making a comeback anytime soon. Its prime moment was when the Mars Rover checked in from Mars. And then, it went back to being stupid.

I want to know what you all like/prefer and why- as well as what you don’t like and why- leave a response in the comments!

#Yearontwitter Features Top Trends in 2014 on Twitter

2014 is coming to a close and it’s once again time to look back on the year and reflect. Lots of crazy stuff happened- some good, some bad. Twitter has an awesome feature now that we can use to look back on those “moments” as seen in #hashtags.

#BCSChampionship game when Auburn faced off with Florida State

#goteamusa during the send-off for the #sochi2014 winter Olympic games- featured the athletes in their #goteamusa mittens- we also saw #sochiproblems trending with hilarious pictures of the less than pretty conditions in Sochi. Bob Costas’ raging pink-eye also caused #bobcostaspinkeye and a spoof account “owned” by his eyes.

#sotu and #sotu2014 for the President’s State of the Union address- and twitter made this hashtag visualization to feature the live hashtags during the speech on Twitter. Very cool visualization, by the way.

Countdown to #SB48 game- Seahawks vs. Broncos but what really took the cake was during the #nflplayoffs when @rsherman_25 got heated in a post-game interview yelling “I’m the best corner in the game!” He later apologized (we still love you, Richard!).

One of the funnier moments from the #oscars was when John Travolta totally botched the introduction for Idina Menzel- er- “Adele Dazeem” – which made viewers do a double take and ask “wait, what did he say just there?” Check out the video- and it caused a riot on twitter with #adeledazeem and a spoof account from the lovely lady herself.

A huge trend on Twitter was when Malaysian Flight 370 or #mh370 completely disappeared – literally- vanished into thin air. The search is still on-going and as of right now, nobody has any answers. There is still a huge trend going on now, more than 9 months later.

#RIPphilipseymour was also one of the more sad hashtags trending when the Oscar-winning actor was found deceased in his New York apartment. And we also lost yet another great actor and his passing trended as #RIPRobinWilliams.

#Bringbackourgirls was the biggest trend after schoolgirls were kidnapped in Nigeria last spring- the world was outraged and it showed how many people wanted to help.

#icebucketchallenge trended and helped raise money for ALS, while #ferguson #ebola and #onlyontwitter were seen in the last few months of this year.

Definitely check out the Twitter Moments feature– it’s worth a look. My personal favorite “moment” was #onlyontwitter and a story that involved someone finding the people in a picture she found at ground zero after 9/11. Truly amazing work by a community that cares.

Do you have any favorite “moments” that aren’t listed here? Leave a comment and I’ll go ahead and add them with your username!

Have any questions about social media or inbound marketing? Email me and I’ll get back to you with an answer. Happy holidays- and can’t wait to see what hashtags will trend in 2015!

So Hubspot had this Awesome Tutorial on Visual Content- Review and Infographic

Which was really good- a ton of good tools!  I’ll link it here because honestly, if you work in marketing or inbound marketing in ANY capacity, you need to read all of this now and start playing around with design type stuff.

HubSpot guide to creating visual content– And they linked to their infographic template.  I have a couple favorites from their ebook as far as tools go (and a couple of my own favorites):

1) Design Seeds- amazing website for color palette ideas!

2) Adobe Color CC- beautiful tool for creating different types of palettes.

3) Speaking of Adobe- I am a recent fan of Adobe Illustrator CC.  It’s totally crucial to become familiar with it for designing vector graphics or logos.  Then I post my “creations” on BeHance (social media for graphic designers or creatives) for critique.  Very cool because you can get feedback and tips on how to improve your designs. (Tangent, sorry!)

4) The HubSpot tutorial also includes a very handy sizing cheat sheet for creating graphics, logos, and content for various social media sites.

5) A couple resources for awesome images, icons, and vector graphics.

So definitely hop on over there and get the (free!) ebook yourself- it’s a really good resource for creating visual content.  Seriously.  One of the best I’ve seen!

Yesterday when I was home with two sick kids (argh!) I spent my day creating all the infographics!

Here’s what I came up with.  It may not be the best, I am not a professional designer, but it’s a pretty good start, I think!  What do you think?  Tell me in the comments what your favorite DIY design resources and/or tutorials are!

Inbound Marketing, Infographic, Working Moms, Sick Kids
Working moms and PTO (or the lack thereof) and the impact of flu season.


google hummingbird, social media, SEO, inbound marketing

How to: leveraging social media to make Google Hummingbird sing for your brand

One thing that amazes me about my job is that I meet so many industry professionals who still don’t know much about the infamous Google algorithm updates. Everyone who works in any type of marketing (because we’re all generating content for brands here, amiright?) needs to keep themselves apprised of these updates- because they do drastically affect a company or brand’s visibility/position within the organic results on search engines.

Which, you guessed it, wields the power to stuff your brand into the proverbial black hole under their bed to collect cobwebs and spiders, never to be heard from again.
So let’s stay on top of this- it’s not hard. I don’t want to come into meet with someone ever again to a shocked gaping look of “where did it all go so wrong?!” when the respective site is found on page ten or worse- not at all.

If you remember nothing else from this article, please heed these three sentences: Your website and online branding is a fluid, living, breathing thing. It needs to be fed and watered, talked to and petted lovingly, it needs to be PAID ATTENTION TO at least three to four times each week. Or else it will shrivel and die.

Here’s my list of how to make the newest addition to “THE ZOO” – the Hummingbird- sing for you.


Get on Google+ immediately if you haven’t already. Google is now indexing Google+ pages, which means that the new “communities” will be as well. Show your marketing muscle as much as possible, start a community about your brand for your audience, talk to people. Hummingbird loves Google+ much more than other social media sites for not so subtle reasons, one may guess.


Hummingbird loves Tea. As in “T”-shaped authorities. What does this mean? It likes authorities who have knowledge in a wide range of topics but deep, critical understanding in a few. That means drive-by stops into Twitter and Facebook to post a back-link to your site doesn’t mean anything. Getting back links from your industries influencers- where your brand is actually influenced- DOES. Like Linked-In. Are influencers in your field linking to your brand? Are you engaging them? That’s good, keep doing that. If you haven’t, you need to be active in Linked-In like yesterday. I know. So obvious. Thank me later.


YouTube- did you know it’s the second most trafficked search engine? And you didn’t have an active thriving channel because…. why? People love videos. Even if you’re making playlists of industry relevant videos or three minute “vlogs” about relevant topics (seriously, just use your phone!) – you can work it- no fancy camera crew needed!


This social media site has been oft overlooked. But lately has been very effective for brands- do you notice a trend here? This update is very visual. And if you’re not creating content- at least stay busy curating content- sometimes just as good- you can influence your audience as an “authority” on what is relevant on Pinterest because as we know there are a lot of Pinterest fails out there as well. Why weed through all that garbage when you can follow a trusted buddy and get what you’re looking for very easily? Exactly. Pinterest. Now.


It’s a total time-suck, but really it helps you stand out as the “world’s best” at whatever you do by showing off your deep understanding of certain topics (remember, the Hummingbird will sing for “T” authorities!).
Work on building your presence on these sites- along with other best practices as far as updating your blog, on-site SEO, etc. and you’ll start seeing progress. Consistency is key.

And if you’re unfamiliar with Hummingbird, before you freak out, just remember- just like the other two algorithm animals, it’s designed with information-seekers (read: your customers, your target audience) in mind. Content generation for your audience still wins above all else. So chances are if you’ve been optimizing your brand the “right” way (and not key word stuffing, or using any other shady black-hat SEO tactic) you’re still going to be doing just fine.

A New Way to Hire Me: Thumbtack

I just found out about this awesome website when I was searching for local photographers (to give another photographer advice about her website), and all of their listings kept coming up on  It looked like a very modern, active site where professionals could list themselves for hiring.  The way it works is you type in what you’re looking for (so for me, you would want to type in marketing or website design or inbound marketing) – a form pops up, and you give some details about what you’re looking for.  It notifies me that someone needs my services, and based on the info they give, I can give them a quote of how much I think it would cost.  It’s pretty cool.

So, here’s the link to check it out.  And if you’re a fellow professional, you should seriously consider listing here.  It’s a really cool business model.