The best time to send an email? 10 Studies summarized.

Co-schedule wrote a fantastic article that gives the details about ten studies done with regards to email marketing: the best time to get your email read, and the best time to get click-throughs.

Here’s a little summary all wrapped up in a bow for you.  Happy holidays!

The best day to send an email: Tuesday followed by Thursday, then Wednesday.

The best time to send an email: 10am.  Some of the studies cite 8pm, 2pm, and 6am, however from my personal experience I’ve always found 10am to get the highest open rates across several industries.

Why all of this information is controversial: Regardless of what studies say, you need to find what works best for your targeted audience.  Your content, industry, and email list makes all of the difference in the world.

How to figure out what works for you:  send emails based on the data from the article- try several different times and subject lines.  Analyze what worked for you and expand on that.

I’ve included a handy infographic from our friends at co-schedule that you can use for your own email campaigns for testing to see what works.


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