Daly Marketing, Bad Web Design Guide

Bad Web Design for Dummies: A Field Guide

1) Use Comic Sans italic for your font.  In all different sizes.

2) Blinking cursors with sparkling trails?  You need ’em.

3) Patterned backgrounds- marbled or tiles of little designs, sites employing this design “style” make me nauseous.

4) Any site modeled after arngren.net (warning: be prepared, and don’t say I didn’t warn you)

5) Animated text, or scrolling marquees.  Get ready, you’re on your way to bad website fame (infamy?)

6) If I haven’t mentioned this already, Comic Sans.

7) Tons of information in every possible space, but no clear defined message or menu to guide the user.

And if after all of these tips you still aren’t mastering the “art” of bad website design, just contact the designers of healthcare.gov because, hey, they’re the experts.