Inbound Marketing Explained, Infographic

The REAL Definition of “Inbound Marketing”

I’ve been doing research on a couple of things for work and I came across so many articles that were long and wordy in describing inbound marketing.  They were all very well explained, but for some reason I still felt like it did not do justice to how important this method of marketing really is.

In order to attract new customers, to grow your business, you must stand out from the competition.  How?  By giving your customers the gold standard of customer service.  That term right there may be my favorite.  Because when creating content for your inbound marketing strategy, you must always have the customer in mind.  Not your bottom line, not getting to the number one position on search engines.  Those are not a priority.

Giving your future customers the best possible experience is your priority.  The rest will follow.  I’m working on an inbound marketing e-book that will be ready in the next week or so- geared towards business owners so they can start to figure out how to best use inbound marketing to cater to their customers and target demographic.

In the meantime, here’s a handy little infographic I created to explain the true meaning of inbound marketing.  Yes, it is just that simple.  Enjoy!

Inbound Marketing Explained,  Infographic