Want more traffic, engagement, and inbound links to your blog? The science is in!


Blogging Infographic from KISSMetrics on the best times to post
Credit: Kissmetrics

In short, it comes down to your goals.  You can post during “high activity hours” which means you’ll get more traffic, and possibly more engagement, but then you’ll get your post buried by others because everyone has the same thought “hey let’s post during the day!”  You could post at night because your blog will get better placement, but it will get less traffic.

I will keep this really short so you can get back to your blogging mission: Most people read blogs in the morning* with the highest traffic being on Mondays at 11am.  If you want comments/engagement?  Saturday is your best bet- specifically, 9am.  So much for sleeping in!

If you want inbound links and shares?  Blogs get the most inbound links/shares on Mondays and Thursdays around 7am.  Interestingly, but not shockingly- if you post more than once a day you’re more likely to get more inbound links and unique views.  The last piece of data is funny (and true) – the more posts per day, the more monthly unique views your blog will have.

If you post 30x per day (good luck with that!) then you could get up to 1.8 million unique views per month. Unfortunately, you’ll probably not be doing much else other than typing.

*Men vs Women blog reading behavior: a higher percentage of men read blogs at night, so if you’re target is men, I’d do some posting at night.  A/B testing should be helpful, play around with different posting times and find your blog posting sweet spot!

For a larger view of the infographic, it’s clicky to the Kissmetrics page.

Now my question to you all is this: what patterns have you noticed with your blogs- traffic, engagement, and shares?